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Debbie Shephard

Debbie Shephard

Founder/Retirement, Life & Legacy Planning

(352) 249-6791

As the Founder of  TRUE HAVEN FINANCIAL,  Debbie is committed to helping people just like you achieve and protect their unique dreams and goals.  Her belief is that in today's uncertain times there is a critical need to educate the public on how they can best reduce the threats to their lifestyle, wealth, and legacy.  Her holistic approach to financial security is evident in the customized planning solutions she provides. The ultimate future she envisions for all her clients is a secure, happy, and prosperous retirement. 

Over thirty seven years ago, Debbie began working with one of the top Insurance and Finance firms in the nation. There, she saw firsthand the vital role good planning had on the lives of their clients each day.  From the newly widowed mother of small children, to the executive on the cusp of his long anticipated retirement, their financial futures were secure because of careful planning.  The desire to make such a meaningful impact on the lives of others has spurred her career path.  Starting as an Independent Broker/Consultant, three years later her company was founded. Today, one of her most important tasks is to help retirees plan for the risks of inflation and longevity.  For clients concerned about Wealth Transfer for heirs, she shares Legacy Planning solutions, using life insurance to pass wealth tax free.  Debbie has also assisted companies in putting Key Man Life Insurance plans into place.  She specializes in designing these plans to insure that a company will be financially protected should it suffer the loss of its CEO or other Key Officer/Employee.

Debbie holds the State of Florida 215 Insurance licensure for Life/Health/Annuities.  She is a frequently requested guest speaker because of her educational approach on a number of topics, including the benefits of the Florida Long Term Care Partnership Law, and how it impacts the senior population.  Her passion for teaching is apparent in her educational approach, and she holds Educational Workshops in The Villages, Ocala, and surrounding communities.

In her spare time, you will find her enjoying her family, including her grandchildren, as well as fishing and the outdoors.  She has resided in the Village of Rainbow Springs for over thirty years, and loves her time spent on the Rainbow River.